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Ipswich Greyhound Racing Club
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Race Days
Tuesday  (Twilight)
Friday  (Twilight)
Saturday (Night)
Approx start 3.00pm
Approx start 3.00pm
Approx start 5.00pm
For excat times, go to thedogs.com.au
Main Events
City of Ipswich Gold Cup
Vince Curry Memorial Maiden Series
Ipswich Auction Series
Col Harris Gold Sovereign
Ipswich Derby & Futurity
Past Members Memorial
Corporate $$$ Dollars
Young Guns Series
Facilities Available
Restaurant (open on major meetings), snack bar and bar available.
Full totalisator facilities available at all meetings.

Get up close to the action right next to the track, or if you prefer, watch the racing from inside the glass fronted restaurant, or on one of the many television monitors in the restaurant and bar area.